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Gesa Rohwedder

Drees & Sommer

Gesa Rohwedder

Associate Partner / Head of Hospitality

Sustainability criteria are increasingly seen by ESG as an entrepreneurial duty and not just as a freestyle. An ESG strategy with clear objectives ensures long-term value creation for all stakeholders in the hospitality industry. It is important for owners and operators to define a comprehensive sustainability strategy with specific ecological, economic and social standards at both company and hotel level.


Drees & Sommer is a leading innovative European consulting, planning and project management enterprise, which has supported private and public clients and investors for over 50 years in all aspects of real estate and infrastructure – both analog and digital. The result is cost-effective and sustainable buildings, profitable real estate portfolios, people-oriented working environments, and visionary mobility concepts. 

The company’s over 4,500 employees in 51 locations around the world work in interdisciplinary teams to provide support for clients from a wide variety of sectors. All the services provided by the partner-run company take into consideration both economic and ecological concerns. Drees & Sommer calls this holistic approach ‘the blue way’. The Drees & Sommer Hospitality expert team operates with a national focus and international reach in the fast-moving hotel market and supports hotel projects in all phases of project development.

Beeing involved in various hotel and touristic developments projects troughout the world, we experience the inustry facing continues changes, increasing stakeholder demands and technical transformation. We strongly believe that successful business models in this industry have to consider smart concepts, connected buildings and have to be integrated in a smart and sustainable community. 

The benefits of applying digital technologies will be esssential and provide value not only to the customer journey but also for the hotel teams at all levels, the owener and the local community and will stimulate the efficiancy of a hotel. With this in mind, we are eager to lead, support and follow our clients on their journey and to guide industry stakeholders in developing sustainable and connected concepts.


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