Matt Welle, Mews

Matt Welle, Mews

Matt Welle
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Matt Welle is CEO of Mews, the industry-leading hospitality cloud. Matt spent more than a decade at Hilton, learning the business from one of the biggest brands in the sector.

He left Hilton to work on the launch of Prague’s Emblem Hotel, where he realized that the hotel management system he wanted didn’t yet exist. Matt believes that technology is the only way to learn about your property, your guests and deliver the best for both of them, and so he co-founded Mews in 2012.

In the time since, Matt has driven the company’s growth to 5,000+ customers in 85 countries, organically and through M&A; led the business through several successful funding rounds; built a team of almost 1,000 employees with offices in Europe, the United States and Australia; and won the prestigious ‘Leading Entrepreneur in Tech Award’ in 2023.

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