Sylvain Morgaine, Accor

Sylvain Morgaine, Accor

Sylvain Morgaine, Accor


Sylvain Morgaine is an experienced marketing, media and innovation specialist. Passionate about Business innovation, advanced marketing technologies, customer experience, data privacy and interface design, his professional goal has focused on helping companies align purpose and long term vision through innovative products and services.

Prior to joining Accor, Sylvain managed a Business Innovation consulting firm he created in 2017 with the aim to help companies and startups imagine and build their next service or product using Design-driven innovation. Before that, he co-founded Miwo in 2010, an innovative mobile contextual technology startup for digital and physical commerce. He joined Arena Media as Managing Director for France in 2005 and became Global Media Engineering Manager in 2007. Sylvain also held the position of Marketing & Innovation Director at Havas Media Group between 2002 and 2005.

Sylvain currently heads Accor’s Innovation Lab with a mission to:

  • Increase Accor’s performance through incremental product and service innovation
  • Explore innovative Augmented Hospitality business models
  • Disrupt Accor’s guest experience through a unified technology framework
  • Power the launch of external startups in line with Accor’s innovation strategy

Sylvain graduated with a BA in Computer Science & Visual Studies from Boston University. He holds a Masters of Science in Visual Studies from the M.I.T Media Lab and is certified in Product & Service innovation from M.I.T Sloan school of Management.

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