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Anne Greisel
+49 1709818628

Ruby Emma Hotel
+31 20 245 7280

Mediamatic event location
+31 206389901

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Schiphol to Mediamatic

Schiphol to Centraal
Schiphol to Centraal

Schiphol to Sparklerweg

AMS Centraal to Sparklerweg

Spaklerweg to Ruby Emma 2
Spaklerweg to Ruby Emma 2

OV PayOVpay is the new way to check-in and out of public transport with your debit or credit card. Simply hold your card against the card reader on the bus, tram and metro. The system will beep once you have checked in correctly. Be sure to check out with the same card at your destination.

You can change train, metro, bus and tram during your journey without having to check out. Just remember to check out at your final stop before you get off.

OV pay App You don’t need  download the OVpay app for payment. But the app does have useful features, like notifications when you check in, letting you create expense claims, and more. Learn more about the OVpay app.

For more information visit the OVpay website.

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