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Biodiversity: The appeal to conscience

Biodiversity: The appeal to conscience

Augsburg/Berlin. When plants, birds or insects visibly and tangibly disappear, alarm bells should ring. When landslides bury hotels, the story of the risks has long since begun. However, the hospitality industry can take positive countermeasures right from the start to preserve nature. The wake-up call that Zanetta Sedilekova, a young climate and biodiversity risk advocate, will give at the HospitalityInside Think Tank in Berlin at the end of June hits home.

Due Diligence for Human Rights

Due Diligence for Human Rights

Augsburg/Berlin. Of course, it is tricky at first, a touch of panic spreads, but then you understand very quickly how the "social" in ESG can be measured. Many hoteliers do not - yet - know how to evaluate measures on diversity, equality, migration, working conditions, human rights. Malin Lindfors Speace from Sweden, our "Social" expert at the HITT Think Tank on 26/27 June in Berlin, tells you. "In a year, everyone will be doing it!" Sign up!

The power of the corporate buyers

The power of the corporate buyers

Augsburg/Berlin. One billion business trips were made by Siemens employees worldwide in 2019, a proof of power by this company that now wants their employees to stay only in sustainable hotels. For lack of alternatives, Siemens has now set up its own "Green Stay" criteria - in association with HRS. How much pressure can this global corporate client exert on the hotel industry? The two movers and shakers of this initiative, Eric Hofmeister from Siemens AG and Fabio Fornari, Product Manager Sustainability at HRS Group, will be asking YOUR questions at the 6th HITT Think Tank on 26/27 June in Berlin.

The knots in the net are the solution

The knots in the net are the solution

Augsburg/Berlin. Where are the links between the many different system worlds in sustainability, what data is already available, what gaps need to be researched anew? Sophie Herrmann thinks cross-border and has already brought many different people and companies together around one table. The partner of the transformation consultancy Systemiq will therefore give the keynote at the HITT Think Tank, which will take place in five weeks in Berlin. She has lived and worked on several continents and now only thinks and acts in a networked way. Experience this likeable Munich native and cosmopolitan, for whom the knots in the sustainability network are connecting points for solutions. The perfect encouraging introduction to the 6th HITT and its main topic Measurement on 26/27 June in Berlin.

Measuring the future

Measuring the future

Augsburg/Berlin. Without technology and digitalisation, the path to zero emissions cannot be achieved. The "pathway to net zero" must be measurable, the tools a motivation to continue measuring. Only data ultimately certify the success and the - positive - changes for companies and people. That is why the HospitalityInside Think Tank is concentrating very strongly on the topic of measurement this year. Florian Huber, co-founder of EYCarbon, explains how operators and investors can get a grip on its implementation. Also in this round is the lawyer Dr Felix Krieglstein from Jung Schleicher Rechtsanwälte in Berlin.

Which certificates, tools, scopes make sense?

Which certificates, tools, scopes make sense?

Augsburg/Berlin. In exactly one month, on 26/27 June, international movers & shakers from the sustainability scene will meet for the 6th HospitalityInside Think Tank in Berlin. The second day was almost exclusively dedicated to the topic of measurement. After the opening impulse by EYCarbon and two other experts, in the second part of this focus topic, three more critical professionals analyse the practice - and thus the large, spongy pond of sustainability certificates and measurement instruments.

A platform of trust

A platform of trust

Augsburg/Berlin. Covid-19 has shown it: The hospitality industry has no lobby. Not worldwide. This must not happen again in the course of climate protection policy. The solution for the climate can therefore only be: Collaboration! Teamwork! Inge Huijbrechts from the Radisson Hotel Group, Willem van der Zee from Pandox and Glenn Mandziuk from the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance will analyse the power of the industry and its pain points at the HITT Think Tank. Only three weeks to go until the HITT in Berlin! By the way, most of our 14 experts will be on board for two days - a novelty and proof of their confidence in this high-profile event.

Exclusively for HITT participants

Exclusively for HITT participants

Augsburg/Berlin. Ten more days and the HITT community will be back on board. And with it, exclusive news that Think Tank participants will be the first to hear. The latest results from the hospitality survey on changing consumer behaviour will be presented by Chairman Dr Crispian Tarrant from data researcher BVA BDRC: Baby Boomers are grabbing it, the younger ones prefer to talk about social. In addition, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Arlt will present his new "Meaningful Tourism Index Hospitality 2023" for the first time in Europe: His ranking shows which hotels have a true sustainability approach.

HITT - The Film

HITT is an unconventional, English-speaking event on a solar-powered ship launched in 2018.

  • Casual, but with high-calibre experts from inside and outside the industry.
  • Limited in number, not in quality.
  • Inspiring deep thoughts instead of shallow PR talk.
  • Personal, direct, interactive and off-the-record.

The floating forum is a place to share knowledge, exchange ideas and develop solutions for the industry’s most pressing issues: digitalisation, sustainability and human resources.

Senior executives and experts from hotel operation, hotel real estate, finance, sustainability, digital transformation, legal and HR are most welcome.

Let’s take this journey to find answers together!


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HITT 2024 presentation

Adapt and Transform: Mastering Hospitality ESG and Innovate with Hospitality Tech Labs



More circularity, less CO2

15 billion tonnes of raw materials are tied up in buildings throughout Germany, 30 to 40 percent of all CO2 emissions are caused by the construction and real estate industry. The pressure on the sector is growing. The challenge now is to use green instruments wisely to avoid stranded assets. A civil engineer speaks.


The HITT moves to Amsterdam

The HITT has taken place six times so far, mostly in Berlin and on a ship. With the move of this Thought Leadership Event to Amsterdam next June, we will no longer be on the water, but right by the water - in a different, unconventional creative location, in the centre of the city of free spirits. For two days, we will be discussing sustainability and innovation.

Advisory Committee


Anthony Williams, Buro Happold



Prof. Dr. Alexander L. Schmidt, Hotelschool The Hague



Tim Davis, Pace Dimensions


A Series of Events

HITT edition 6, 2023 Next Level: Measure. Benchmark. Drive. Lifting Sustainability from intention to traction. Programme / Summary 1: Tourism and hotel industry in the crossfire / Summary 2: ... or our industry will disappear

HITT edition 5, 2022 Embrace ESG for people, planet and prosperity. Programme / Summary / Impressions

HITT edition 4, 2021 Sustainability & Digitalisation: The Change Drivers. Programme / Summary / Video 

HITT edition 3, 2020 Boost your Service Delivery. Programme / Summary

HITT edition 2, 2019 Digitalisation. The New Value Creator. Programme / Video / Summary

HITT Premiere 2018 Emerging Technologies. Friend or foe? Programme / Video / Summary

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